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Support for Illinois Customers Affected by Severe Weather

If you suffered damages because of significant storms that impacted Christian County, we want you to know that we're here for you. Whether you need information about how to start a claimor more time to pay a bill, we can help.

ERIE is offering special accommodations for Illinois Customers who reside in or own any property located in or around Christian County following the Governor’s declaration of the county as a disaster area due to the significant December storms. 

Suspension of Policy Cancellations

In accordance with the state bulletin, all ERIE companies will withdraw cancellation and nonrenewal notices on in-force policies in Christian County issued on or after November 23, 2018.  Additionally, no ERIE Company will issue cancellation or nonrenewal notices to impacted customers or properties until after January 23, 2019.

Deferred Billing Payments

Affected customers may defer their payments for at least 60 days, starting from the last day the premium payment can be made under the terms of the policy. To discuss your payment, please get in touch your local ERIE agent or our Customer Care team.1

Other Extensions

ERIE will also grant extensions on policy requirements that impose a time limit for an insured or claimant to perform any act, including submission of a claim, proof of loss or reporting information.  Additionally, if a policyholder in the affected county was asked to repair their property and, due to the disruption caused by the storms, those repairs cannot be completed in the required time frame, ERIE will provide the policyholder with an extension to make such repairs.

Availability of the Illinois Department of Insurance

If you have a complaint regarding any disaster-related dispute or issue, you may contact the Illinois Department of Insurance. You may contact them at the Department’s toll-free complaint hotline at 1-866-445-5364, or file a complaint at:

Contact Us

For more information, contact your local ERIE Agentor Customer Care at (800) 458-0811. If you have a question about your claim, please call(800) 367-3743.

1Please note that any extension of time to pay your bill does not relieve you of your responsibility to make future timely premium payments once the moratorium has ended.