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Support for Tennessee Customers Affected by the Recent Wildfires

If you were impacted by the recent wildfire in Tennessee, ERIE can help. 

April 8, 2020 – 1:30 p.m.

Erie Insurance is aware of the recent announcements several competitors have made regarding refund payments to auto insurance policyholders. These customer “rebate” programs have ranged from one-time payments of $50 per vehicle to 15% rebates for two to six months of auto premium and have attracted significant media and social media attention.

We are currently considering the best way to provide long-lasting and impactful relief to our customers, and we anticipate having an announcement in the coming days. We share your sense of urgency and are committed to supporting you during this difficult time. We also owe it to you to be thoughtful about how we can best provide support — now and in the future.

Since the start of the pandemic, ERIE and ERIE Agents have also recognized that each customer’s situation is unique. We have helped thousands of customers find solutions to manage their premium bills, adjust their policies, and find relief by delaying payments, adjusting installments, changing pay plans and waiving penalties and fees. This individualized support is important because it is tailored to the unique circumstance of each customer. ERIE’s Customer Service Advocates can be reached at (800) 458-0811 with questions or to discuss options.

As we make decisions on lasting and impactful relief, we will continue to keep you informed. Thank you for placing your trust in us as we remain committed to being Above all in sERvIcE®.