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[TRANSCRIPT] Thanks for your interest in applying for funding from Erie Insurance. Like you, we believe in strong communities, and back up that belief with the Erie Insurance Giving Network, supporting charities and organizations throughout our geographical footprint. Let’s take a moment to walk through the application process and what to expect if your application is approved. First, take a close look at our funding request guidelines. Here you’ll learn what organizations are eligible, what you will need to complete the application, and our current deadlines. Erie Insurance does not fund athletic programs, political or labor organizations, or religious organizations, except for programs which serve the whole community such as food banks. Erie Insurance uses the Benevity platform for our application process. You can find more information about Benevity and their Causes Portal on our Giving Network website. If your organization has never received any funding from one of Benevity’s corporate partners, you may need to register in their portal as a first step. It’s important to note that all non-profits seeking funding from Erie Insurance must complete the form. Even if you have been told by an Erie Insurance Employee that the company will support your organization, the form is an essential step. If the request is $10,000 or more there are a few extra steps involved, such as a Budget Template and Logic Model – you can see templates on our Giving Network website. Once your application is submitted, our Community Outreach team will review it. They may reach out with questions or request additional information as needed. You’ll hear from our team whether or not your application is accepted. Depending on when the request is submitted, the response may take up to eight weeks. If your request is approved, our Community Outreach team will let you know the next steps, but here’s a few things to keep in mind. If your grant award is $10,000 or greater, you will be required to complete a grant agreement which provides terms and conditions of the grant, as well as information on reporting and evaluation of the program funded by the grant. When the agreement is complete, Erie Insurance will begin the payment process via our Benevity grants system. We encourage non-profits to register for Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT, as this method is timelier and more efficient. There is a link on our Giving Network page for Benevity’s Causes Portal Resource page, where you can learn more about registering for EFT. Payment from Erie Insurance is received late the following month – so if you are notified that your grant is ready for payment on April 10, you will typically see the payment by EFT in late May. If the organization has not elected to receive payments via EFT, payment will likely take two to three weeks longer. Non-profits should also be aware that Benevity batches all payments together for a given month – so in your EFT or check you may also see funds in addition to our grant (possibly including any matching gifts from Erie Insurance employees). If the timing of the grant payment is an issue, please contact the Community Outreach team via email (onscreen For grants $10,000 or larger, Erie Insurance requires outcomes reporting. The Community Outreach team will request those outcomes, typically in February the following year. We encourage you to be mindful of this requirement throughout the administration of the funded program, as it makes the outcomes process much easier. Failure to submit the required reports on time may result in the cancellation of the grant and return of the grant funds, as well as disqualify the grantee from any new funding applications. Thank you for helping us make an impact in the communities in which we work and live. We look forward to working with our grant recipients to highlight their successes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Erie Insurance Exchange, Erie Insurance Co., Erie Insurance Property & Casualty Co., Flagship City Insurance Co. and Erie Family Life Insurance Co. (Erie, PA) or Erie Insurance Co. of New York (Rochester, NY). Go to for company licensure and product details. *Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See your policy for details.