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When it comes to protecting your home, your family and the life you’ve worked hard to build, it helps to have some extra coverage ‒ especially for life’s rainiest days. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in. Umbrella insurance picks up where your auto or home liability coverage leaves off ‒ providing an extra layer of liability protection over and above your other insurance policies. Accidents can happen to anyone ‒ anytime, anywhere ‒ and they can be costly. At a time when anyone can be sued, an umbrella policy can help you through the storm. How does umbrella insurance work? Let’s say your homeowners insurance has a liability limit of $500,000. One day, someone gets seriously injured in your swimming pool. A judge rules that they’re entitled to receive $1 million. That’s a pretty big gap to fill. And that money has to come from somewhere: your bank account, your assets, even your future wages. Umbrella insurance has you covered, paying the difference between the two and keeping your finances secure. At Erie Insurance, our umbrella policies provide: ● Higher levels of coverage above your auto or home policy. ● Coverage for covered claims brought against you by a third party. ● Protection for you and covered family members wherever you go. ● A safeguard for your finances. ● A local agent and superior claims service. Some policies cost less than $1 a day. So be prepared for a drizzle ‒ or a downpour ‒ with an ERIE umbrella policy.  Erie Insurance Exchange, Erie Insurance Co., Erie Insurance Property & Casualty Co., Flagship City Insurance Co. and Erie Family Life Insurance Co. (Erie, PA) or Erie Insurance Co. of New York (Rochester, NY). Go to for company licensure and product details. *Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See your policy for details.