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<ytd-expander class="style-scope ytd-video-secondary-info-renderer" style="margin-left: 64px; letter-spacing: var(--ytd-user-comment_-_letter-spacing);"></ytd-expander>When was the last time you got paid for doing the responsible stuff you do anyway? Doing the laundry, eating your veggies, or driving safely. Actually we can help with that last one with the free YourTurn app from Erie Insurance. You can earn rewards every two weeks just for driving responsibly. Redeem your rewards for gift cards for more than 25 of your favorite retailers. You can even choose to donate them to charity. Not only can YourTurn pay you for responsible driving, it's the perfect incentive for young drivers to stay off their phones, take it easy on the acceleration, and watch those hard turns.

And if for some reason you or your teen driver end up a little short of the goal this month, no worries, your premium is never affected by YourTurn app data. So while we can't reward you for letting your daughter choose the radio station, we can at least pay you for avoiding the temptation to speed home. YourTurn from Erie Insurance-- talk to your ERIE agent to sign up and download the app today.

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*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See your policy for details.
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