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Mrs. Williams was my introduction to business teacher in the ninth grade. We learned a lot of life skills: balancing a check book, having a budget, why you can and can’t do certain things why you have to budget and have a five-year plan and plan for things

Jamie was this very petite, kind young lady, very respectful and a hard-working girl too.

Just to see someone in professional attire, she’s professional all the time and an inspiration, it’s nice to see that from a fellow woman.

Jamie was determined and that is the thing I noticed about her, her determination she wanted to get it right and to make sure everything was ok she never had a problem asking questions and very engaging. And I knew then that Jamie was going to do something special.

Meeting Mrs. Williams in ninth grade, she never forgot me she never forgot my story so anytime I saw her out and about she always asked what I was doing and what I was up to, what kind of work I was doing.

I would always ask her - Jamie how are you doing? Tell me something good. And it was always an accomplishment she had made. Jamie really made me proud. She did everything she was supposed to do and then some.

I like to set goals and I like to achieve them there is nothing better that, and I think that all stems back to ninth grade at east high school. I am the business continuity and disaster recovery manager at Erie Insurance Group. People genuinely care about each other at ERIE it is easy to form mentoring relationships, all you have to do is ask. I like to be a caring ear; I like to listen and help others achieve their goals like others have done for me. Like Mrs. Williams in the past.

You never know what kind of impact you make on someone unless they tell you. It makes me feel wonderful to know that I had such a profound impact on them that they come back to me and say it’s because of you that I am here.

In just a few months’ time someone can have a lifelong impact on you.