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It's currently 7:30 AM, and I'm about to get up and show you guys a day in my life as a remote intern. [MUSIC PLAYING] Good morning. So this is how I usually start my day. I woke up at 7 o'clock, and get some breakfast, and then get my desk ready to start working. And this is what my desk looks like as of now. My internship every day is different. I wake up the same. Everything that I do in the morning is the same. I wake up, get my coffee, get my breakfast, and then I go to work. It definitely varies day to day, but the one thing that all my days have in common is that I meet with a lot of people on a daily basis. The work that I'm doing at ERIE is relevant to my career goals in the sense that I'm actually getting to work with real-world data. I'm not just being given busywork to complete it for the sake of being busy. I'm getting to work on the actual marketing team, working with ERIE's marketing platform, and getting to kind of do and look at all the things that the team is also doing. ERIE's corporate environment also really highly values training their employees. Through our remote internship so far, I've had several leadership trainings, I've gained new technical skills, as well as new interpersonal skills, such as interview skills and communication. We've even had meetings with the CEO, Tim NeCastro. That was really rewarding, and getting to hear his opinion on things and making all the interns here at Erie Insurance feel welcome. My initial thought about working for the insurance industry is there's only a few types of jobs in it. For example, someone only selling insurance, and that's probably about it. However, this is no longer the case for me. We have marketing, sales, creative, IT. There's a bunch of different things you can do at an insurance company that are similar to any other company. I would definitely say that before I talked to ERIE, I didn't really know much about insurance. It was mostly something that my parents dealt with, and I really didn't have any clue what insurance really was. But after coming to ERIE, I definitely learned a ton. So we had a bunch of orientations to kind of introduce the company and what Erie Insurance really does. And I definitely learned a lot about how different aspects of the company need to work together in order to create a successful product. I've been surprised as to how many different types of work I've completed. And that's just been within one project. I have done everything from testing to writing business requirements to doing data mapping. And that doesn't even include all the shadowing that I've done while at ERIE. My expectations have absolutely been exceeded. I'm involved way more than I thought I would be. I know that ERIE's a great company, but I really was unsure how I was going to get to experience that with working remotely. But my team constantly reaches out to me to make sure I'm doing OK. Everyone that I've talked to has offered me help if I ever need it. And I've been involved on some really valuable projects, not just for me in my career but also for Erie Insurance. I would describe ERIE's corporate environment as welcoming and so friendly. Everyone that I've spoken with has been more than willing to help me with whatever questions I've had or so willing to help me with whatever advice I've needed. ERIE completely surprised me. They are completely above all in service. And they continued their internship program remotely. I'm sure it was really difficult figuring out how to do that amidst the entire pandemic. As we transitioned over 95% of our workforce into a remote environment, you were alongside each and every one of them in the work that you were asked to do. And we looked back to our founder's words. And when he said "it's important for us to hire and bring people into the organization who think--" and there's no doubt that you absolutely have done that over the past several months. It's been a year of uncertainty, but you truly embraced it alongside of our workforce.