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Avoid Car Insurance Rate Hikes in New York

It seems that the cost of just about everything is on the rise these days. We can help you make sure that your auto insurance premium isn’t one of them.

With the ERIE RateProtectSM policy, you won’t be punished after a small claim like a fender bender. When you choose the ERIE RateProtect policy, you can stabilize your auto insurance cost. Here’s how it works:

  • First Accident Forgiveness1 goes into effect immediately, you won’t be surcharged or lose discounts for a single paid claim.
  • ERIE’s Safe Driver Discount applies if you’ve been claims-free for the past five years.
  • Over time, your clean driving record can result in lower rates at renewal.

With the ERIE RateProtect policy in place, you get stable insurance rates in New York—what a nice change of pace for your household budget.

Contact an ERIE agent about the ERIE RateProtectSM policy and start protecting your auto premium.2

1With first accident forgiveness, there is no surcharge for your first paid claim. See policy for specific terms and conditions. Applicant must meet applicable underwriting guidelines. Contact your local ERIE Agent for information regarding availability, terms, condition, exclusions, licensure and territory information. ERIE RateProtectSM is offered by Erie Insurance Company of New York, (home office: Rochester, New York).

2Rates subject to change. See your local ERIE Agent for details.

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Stable insurance rates - it's a nice change of pace for your household budget.