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Survey: Getting Ready to Roll This Summer Travel Season

After the coronavirus pandemic struck the U.S. in 2020, vacations were canceled, traveling was banned, and many of us found ourselves stuck at home. But as summer 2021 approaches, more people are planning road trips and taking a vacation. According to a recent national survey by Erie Insurance, more than half of the respondents said they plan to take at least one road trip this year.

The survey also provided new insights about what drivers can expect to see on the road, including concerns about other drivers’ behaviors, their own habits when it comes to speeding and use of social media while driving, and the number of miles they’ll drive in a single road trip. The survey also found that while drivers may be road ready, their cars may not be, as some put off vehicle maintenance during the pandemic.

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Driving Behaviors

When asked about their own driving behaviors, nearly three quarters of drivers (72%) admitted they sometimes or often speed. Another 62% said they sometimes or often drive while tired, and a very concerning 7% said they sometimes or often fall asleep at the wheel.

Drivers aged 25-44 seem the most tired, with 13% of them saying they sometimes or often fall asleep while driving.

When asked what most worries them about other drivers, the top 5 concerns were:

  1. Texting or talking on the phone while driving: 50%
  2. Road rage: 18%
  3. Speeding: 14%
  4. Tailgating: 12%
  5. Failing to yield: 3%

Social Media and Cell Phone Use While Driving

Significant percentages of drivers admit they use their cell phones while driving, including to access GPS (36%), to take or make calls (36% and 28%, respectively), or to check or reply to texts (26% and 17%, respectively).

A much smaller percentage (5%) admit to accessing social media while driving. Of those, their top 5 social media activities are:

  1. Scrolling through photos, posts or other content: 89%
  2. Taking pictures: 37%
  3. Posting photos or videos: 26%
  4. Watching or shooting videos: 22%
  5. Commenting on other people’s photos or videos: 19%

Infographic: You’re Ready to Roll – But is Your Car?

Most drivers kept up with their vehicle’s maintenance during the pandemic, but one in five said they put off some of these tasks:

auto maintenance infographic

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