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10 Brilliant Camping Hacks For Your Next Trip

Going camping doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the comfort. Although everyone’s version of “roughing it” is different, even the most primitive campers love to find ways to make the outdoors feel like home.

One or two camping hacks can be the difference between a soggy, miserable trip and enjoying the sights and smells of the great outdoors. Everyday household items can save you time and money, and your newfound ingenuity will make you feel like a seasoned survivalist.

Whether you’re a new or experienced camper, check out these hacks to make your next adventure a more comfortable one.

  1. Kickstart your fire. Use lint to get your fire going faster (while following recommended campfire safety precautions, of course). It's inexpensive and highly flammable. Can’t find kindling? The oil in corn chips or Doritos mean these tasty snacks will burn long and slow, too.

  2. Light up your campsite. Flashlights are a camping necessity, but they only shine light in one direction. To create a wider field of vision, attach a glow stick or headlamp to a water bottle and watch your homemade lantern light up the camp.

  3. Keep things dry. Rain is no fun when camping. But keeping your gear dry will make the best of a bad situation. Place a trash bag in your backpack to keep its contents dry. And use sealed plastic containers to keep anything from matches to toilet paper away from water.

  4. Say no to soggy sandwiches... Place frozen water bottles in your cooler instead of ice cubes to keep food cold. You’ll end up with a cold drink when it melts – and save yourself the trouble of dumping out a cooler full of water.

  5. …and soggy shoes. Wet shoes can take hours to dry out. Looking for a faster solution? Put your dirty clothes in them overnight to soak up moisture and get ready for your next hike.

  6. Repel mosquitoes. A campfire is no fun when you’re too busy itching and scratching to enjoy it. Burn sage or try a homemade spray or candle to repel mosquitoes and avoid buying cans at the store.

  7. Warm your toes. Unless you’re in an RV, your toes can get cold at night – even in your sleeping bag. Place a bottle of hot water or a bundle of clothes near your feet to keep them nice and toasty.

  8. Prep your breakfast... Mix your pancake batter or omelets beforehand and store them in water bottles. Then, when the coals get hot, you can start cooking right away.

  9. …and your dinner.  Wrap all your dinner ingredients in tinfoil for an easy meal over the fire. Just toss the foil package directly on the fire. After a while, your dinner will be hot and ready.

  10. Pack light. Sometimes, less is more. Pack a double sleeping bag and share, or use a bag with your clothes in it for a pillow. You can be just as comfortable at night without taking up as much space.

Whether it’s old-school backpacking or modern-day “glamping,” your camping experience is your own. You don’t need to use every camping hack you read, but anything that makes your experience more relaxing is worth the investment.

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