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Incredible Photos from Winter Warriors, Plus Tips on How to Handle the Snowy Weather

Winter can be tough on you, and your home and your car. No one knows that better than the hearty residents of Erie, Pennsylvania, do.

It’s not unusual for the city in northwestern Pennsylvania, which hugs the shores of Lake Erie and is home to Erie Insurance, to get socked with snow, but the recent blitz was memorable and a record breaker. You may have seen the stories on the national news and the Weather Channel about the 34 inches of snow that fell on Christmas Day alone. That was just the start of the storm that continued into January. The city declared a snow emergency, drivers were warned to stay off the roads, stores closed, events were canceled and the National Guard was called in to help.

Photos from Erie Insurance employees and customers (see photos below) offer an insider view of the snow accumulation that sources like Golden Snow Globe say was as much as 133 inches—that’s a whopping 11 feet of snow—as of Jan. 9, 2018.

Lots of snow

Shortly after the start of the New Year, Erie, Pennsylvania, was ranked the snowiest city in the country by the Golden Snow Globe website for its enormous snow accumulation—133 inches. Take heeded advice from this city’s winter warriors and be prepared for the cold season. See winter safety tips below the photos.

Car covered in snow

What does about 7 to 11 feet of snow look like? Lots of things got buried like this vehicle in Erie. Extreme conditions can takes its toll on vehicles, so a winter check-up can be a smart move.

Snow drift almost as tall as a house

Piles of snow littered neighborhoods. The snow in the yard of the Bennett family almost reached the roofline of their two-story home. Residents also had to worry about heavy snow on roofs, ice dams, gutter damage and flooding once the temperatures warmed up.  If you had a winter-related claim, would you be covered? Check in with your local insurance agent to review your coverage.

family standing in front of giant snowball

Erie residents tried to break other records by creating a large snowball that was 13.5 feet high. The Wilcko family joined the fun that was organized by a local radio station HAPPI 92.7, the Erie City Mission and the Millcreek Mall shopping center.  If you’re outside for an extended time, it’s always a good idea to bundle up.

Do you have a must-see photo of this record-breaking snow?

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Winter weather safety tips

The extreme conditions are a reminder about preparing for winter and knowing what to do before, during and after the storm. Here is a roundup of some of the best and most popular winter weather posts.

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Inside and outside your home: 6 winter topics for homeowners

Frozen pipes, slippery sidewalks and weighty ice and snow on roofs can wreak havoc with your home and property. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your home inside and out. (Don’t forget to give your pets extra TLC, too.)

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Another way to take good care of your home and car is by making sure you have the right insurance. The right coverage can really save the day when you need it. Learn how to get great coverage by talking with a local Erie Insurance agent. If you’re a customer and need assistance, review the steps for filing a claim

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