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9 Life Changes to Tell Your Insurance Agent About

Life’s changes come with new goals and dreams. Whether you’re getting married, expecting a baby, or getting ready to downsize… big changes in life often come with new financial priorities, too. That’s why it helps to have an insurance agent who can help you understand what these changes mean for your insurance needs.

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Wondering what to expect for your next adventure? Read through the list below to see if any of the following scenarios apply to you and your family. 

1. You’re Getting Married (or Divorced)

Making sure your spouse-to-be is protected by the right life insurance, insuring a new home, putting both names on any auto policies, getting extra coverage for that sparkly engagement ring—there are lots of things worth discussing with your insurance agent before you walk down the aisle. On the flip side, there are things that will need changed if you’re going through a divorce.

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2. You’re Having a Baby

Congratulations! Whether it’s your first or your fifth, a new bundle of joy is a reason to check your life insurance coverage. This holds true whether you’re employed or are a stay-at-home parent.

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3. You’re Moving

A new house or apartment will need new coverage. An insurance agent can tell you what you need in homeowners insurance or renters insurance.

4. You’re Adding on to Your House

A new addition often means you need a higher limit on your homeowners insurance.

5. You Have a Child Heading to College

Your insurance agent can tell you what’s covered when your child is away from home. He or she can also tell you about life insurance for student loans if you’re a cosigner on a loan.

6. You’re Buying a New Car

Like a new house or apartment, a new car means you’ll need to update your auto insurance policy.

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7. You’re Starting a Business—Even if it’s a Home-Based Business

No matter where your business is located or how big it is, you’ll most likely need business insurance to ensure everything has the proper protection.

8. You’re About to Start a New Job

If your new job comes with a new salary, you may need extra life insurance protection. You will also want to talk with your insurance agent about what kind of life insurance is offered through your job—in many instances, it isn’t enough to fully protect your loved ones in the event that the unthinkable happens.

9. You’re Switching Mortgage or Auto Lenders

Claims payments can get confusing if your old lender is still listed on your policy. Learn why it’s important to tell your agent if you have a new lender.

Even if you don't fall into any of the scenarios mentioned, it's still a good idea to check in with your agent once a year. He or she can give your coverage a quick checkup to make sure everything’s still sized right for your life and what’s new in it.

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