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Business Auto Insurance

Your vehicles take you, your employees and your products where they need to be. And your business probably couldn’t function without them, which makes having commercial auto coverage you can truly count on essential.

How Business Auto Insurance Can Help Protect You

Whether you rely on a single car or a large fleet of vehicles, commercial auto insurance is something most businesses need. That’s because an accident can happen to even the most careful driver—and these accidents can cost thousands or even millions of dollars.

Commercial vehicle insurance for both owned and leased cars and trucks protects your business in many important ways. Erie Insurance offers coverage1 for:

  • Liability if you’re responsible for harming others or for damaging their vehicles or property
  • Damages if your car is damaged or destroyed in an accident or by something other than an accident, such as theft, vandalism or hail
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists if an at-fault driver is unable to pay any or all of the costs owed to you
  • Medical costs for you or your passengers’ injuries

Extra Coverages At No Extra Cost

Business auto insurance from ERIE also protects you with additional features at no extra cost. They include coverage for: 

  • Daily costs to cover the loss of earnings when you assist ERIE in an accident investigation or defense claim
  • Legal fees if you are arrested as the result of an accident
  • Bail bonds after an accident or traffic violation that involves a car that we insure
  • All expenses to return your stolen auto to you2
  • All expenses necessary to replace a deployed air bag
  • Reimbursement for premium paid for up to 30 days of similar coverages on an owned private passenger auto used by you or a relative in Mexico and other foreign countries, where your business auto insurance doesn’t apply3

Customize Your Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Your ERIE agent understands that every business is unique and will work with you to customize your coverage. Just a few of the commercial auto insurance coverages that your ERIE agent can tell you more about include:

  • Transportation expenses (for collision claim) to cover transportation costs for a rental car or other fares if a collision puts your vehicle out of commission
  • Transportation expenses (for comprehensive claim) to cover transportation costs like a rental car or ride fare if a comprehensive loss like hail or theft puts your vehicle out of commission
  • Roadside service for towing and labor costs if your vehicle breaks down
  • Loss of use (income protection) to cover a business income loss when you can’t use your vehicle
  • Death and disability income benefits if a named person dies or becomes disabled as a result of an auto accident4
  • Physical damage insurance for hired, rented, borrowed autos for both collision and comprehensive auto claims
  • Trailer agreements to cover legal liability you assume under a trailer interchange agreement

When you have a business policy through Erie Insurance, you'll also have access to a variety of resources, including assistance from a risk control consultant who can help you evaluate the potential risks your business faces and then recommend measures you can take to help reduce those risks.

More Ways to Customize: Business Auto Enhancement

With ERIE’s Business Auto Enhancement bundle you get the best of both worlds: our most popular coverages designed to offer you expanded protection, all at a lower cost than purchasing each individually.

At a glance, ERIE’s Business Auto Enhancement with Transportation Expense includes:

  • Blanket Additional Insured: You no longer need to schedule additional insureds
  • Business Interruption Coverage: Up to $200 a day for covered loss of income
  • Employees as Insured: Let us protect your most important asset – your employees
  • Fellow Employee Liability Coverage: Removes fellow employee liability exclusion
  • Hired Auto Physical Damage Coverage: provides up to $100,000 excess basis coverage for physical damage
  • Worldwide Medical Evacuation: Provides up to $50,000 reimbursement for medical evacuation costs
  • Transportation Expenses: Additional $65/day for rental reimbursement
  • Vehicle Lease/Loan Coverage: GAP coverage for all autos on the policy
  • Vehicle Replacement Cost: Full replacement cost within 90 days of purchase date if the vehicle is scheduled and involved in a total covered loss
  • Worldwide Hired Auto Coverage: Up to 45 days anywhere in the world

For more information about the full range of coverages that come with ERIE’s Business Auto Enhancement bundle talk to your ERIE agent today.

Learn more and get a quote

Contact a local Erie Insurance agent to get a quote and learn more about the coverage. ERIE agents are licensed professionals who can help you select the best coverage to protect your business.

  • 1

    See individual policies for specific coverage details. Certain terms and limitations may apply. Refer to our disclaimer for additional information.

  • 2

    Only applies if comprehensive coverage is purchased.

  • 3

    Not applicable in New York; not available if you are employed, stationed in the armed services or attending school in a foreign country.

  • 4

    Total disability income benefits are not available in the District of Columbia, New York or Pennsylvania.