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EnRoute® from ERIE can help your business track and improve commercial vehicle safety. Let us help you harness the power of fleet driving data to better manage the risks of operating commercial vehicles, and potentially, save you some money too.

What is EnRoute®

EnRoute1 is a tool provided by Erie Insurance that you can add to your business auto policy at no charge2. It works with your fleet’s new or existing telematics program and allows you to:

  • Analyze your telematics data with an easy-to understand online portal.
  • Learn which drivers are helping reduce your risks and which ones have room for improvement.
  • Potentially reduce your ERIE business auto premiums and improve safety.

How EnRoute Can Help Protect Your Business

EnRoute makes it easy to share your fleet’s driving data so you can focus on improving driver performance and safety and preventing collisions.

In addition, the benefits of telematics to your business may also include:

  • Minimizing business interruptions
  • Reducing repair costs and vehicle downtime
  • Limiting workers’ compensation claims
  • Knowing when and where fleet vehicles are driven

Sharing Fleet Driving Data Could Help Reduce Your Commercial Auto Premium

When your business installs telematics devices on its commercial vehicles, ERIE offers an opportunity to potentially earn discounts depending on your fleet FAIR Score®.

Plus, EnRoute can help you identify the drivers on your team who are helping to reduce risk as well as those with room for improvement.

What Happens Once I Enroll in EnRoute

Once you’ve enrolled in EnRoute from ERIE, you’ll get:

  • An online dashboard to measure, monitor and manage fleet driving
  • Risk calculators to assess overall impact of vehicle operations on your business
  • Fleet and vehicle safety scoring to help you understand drivers’ risk behavior

The driving and vehicle data gathered by the EnRoute program can help you recognize how choices in driving routes, types of vehicles driven, and even the time of day can impact driving risk, performance and safety, with the goal of helping you better protect your drivers, employees and your business.

Through the use of GPS-telematics data, businesses enrolled in EnRoute from ERIE receive a FAIR Score® that allows businesses to see where their fleet stands on the FAIR Score driven risk index that compares fleets of similar type and territory.

What Is FAIR Score® and How Does it Work

FAIR Score® summarizes your company’s driving risk into one simple metric. A FAIR Score® greater than 660 may make you eligible for policy premium savings on your commercial auto policy, scores less than 600 are not eligible.

The FAIR Score helps you better understand your driving risk exposure. Similar to a financial credit score, the easy-to-understand FAIR Score allows you to see at a glance where your business stands on a driving risk index that compares fleets of similar type and territory. Unlike other driver score cards that focus on individual driver braking, acceleration, cornering and vehicle handling, FAIR Score is an overall risk ranking for the entire fleet. It analyzes vehicle characteristics and driving environment, in addition to vehicle performance. Monitored weekly, with monthly trend reports, FAIR Score lets you put safety first and reduce risk.

How Do I Get Telematics on My Vehicles

While newer vehicles may already be equipped with telematics some older vehicles may not, but that’s no problem. EnRoute works with telematics service providers that specialize in telematics-based fleet management solutions, so if your vehicles are already equipped with telematics, all that’s required is your consent to a Participation Agreement that will permit EnRoute to collect and analyze your fleet’s driving data.

Learn More and Request a Quote

Contact a local ERIE insurance agent to get a quote and learn more about EnRoute®. 

1Enrollment in EnRoute requires consent to the EnRoute Participation Agreement that contains terms and conditions not described herein.  Information and descriptions of the policies, services and/or programs described herein are provided solely for general informational purposes, and do not create a contract or offer of coverage, and do not amend or otherwise affect the terms, conditions and/or coverages of any insurance policy issued by Erie Insurance, its affiliates, or subsidiaries, or the EnRoute Participation Agreement, unless stated otherwise. Erie Insurance makes no representations or guarantees of results based upon the use of this information, and does not warrant that reliance upon EnRoute will prevent accidents and losses, or satisfy federal, state and/or local codes, ordinances and/or regulations. Coverages, exclusions, limitations, policy terms, conditions, and/or eligibility for insurance or discounts may vary by state and are subject to the underwriting guidelines and rules in effect for that state at the time of enrollment.

2Verizon and/or any other cellular provider may charge a data fee.