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Erie Insurance Mobile App

With ERIE’s mobile app, customers with an online account can easily and securely access important policy information from their mobile device.

Download the Erie Insurance mobile app today

Available on iOS and Android

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Mobile App Features

Here’s what you can expect from our app.

Policy Information

View, send and share policy documents (including your ID card* and declaration page). 

*ID cards not available in New York.

Online Billing

Make a payment or view billing activity and documents. Save your payment information securely in your wallet.

Peace of Mind

View your claim status, contact your local ERIE agent, and access the app through a secure login.

Go Paperless

Stop receiving your bill and policy documents in the mail. Sign up for paperless and receive an email when documents are ready to view.


Where can I download the Erie Insurance mobile app?

How do I know my username and password?

How can I update my email and password information?

How do I set up and enable biometrics?

Where can I find my agent information within the app?

How do I make a payment using the app?

How can I view, share and print my billing documents?

Why am I not seeing all of my policies under My Policies?

Error Messages and Known Issues

“We’re sorry. An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.”

“No network connection. Check your device settings and try again.”

“We’re sorry, some features are unavailable at this time. Use the actions below or reach out to your ERIE agent for help.”

I am seeing “Customer Care (800) 458-0811” information where my Agent information should be.

After making a payment on an iOS device, the Print button on the Payment Confirmation page does not print.