Pumpkin Carving Time

carved pumpkins

Carving jack-o'-lanterns as a family is a great tradition. Still, if you’re not aware and careful, accidents surrounding the carving and lighting of pumpkins happen every year. Keep these tips in mind to keep your family safe.

No knives:To reduce the risk of serious cuts, don’t use kitchen knives for pumpkin carving. A study found on ScienceDirect.com found that tools designed for pumpkin carving cause less severe injuries than kitchen knives.

Kid-safe decorating: Leave all the carving to the adults. Kids can still get involved with pumpkin design. But let them help by drawing the face with markers and a stencil. Or give them full expression on their own gourd with stickers and markers.  

Skip the candles: Opt for battery-operated versions that offer the same flickering effect.

Stay aware: While trick-or-treating, keep an eye out for jack-o'-lanterns that are lit with candles, making sure toddlers are warned to keep a safe distance (typically, two to three steps away from candlelit jack-o-lanterns).

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Carving jack-o'-lanterns as a family is a great tradition. Just make sure to be safe while carving and lighting pumpkins. Here are some tips to think about before the carving begins. /blog/halloween-safety-pumpkin-carving-time Erie Insurance