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Do You Name Your Robot Vacuum or Other Household Items?

Do you live with a robot vacuum named Vance, a coffee pot called Joe, or another household item you’ve given a special name? If so, you’re far from alone. It’s pretty common for people to name inanimate objects.

Giving human form or attributes to these things is called anthropomorphizing. And with more people staying at home, and buying new toys and gadgets, there is more and more to name. Earlier this year, we conducted an informal survey of our e-newsletter subscribers to see just what they’ve been naming (or anthropomorphizing) around the house.

Check out the infographic below to see the results.

Hi! My Name Is

Do You Anthropomorphize?

Giving human attributes to items is called anthropomorphizing. As more people stay at home, buying new toys and gadgets, there is even more naming to go around.

A recent survey of close to 300 respondents breaks down the popular household items that are lucky enough to get a name.

Robot Vacuum 48.3%

Other 22.9%

Large & Small Kitchen Appliances 9.6%

Electronics 5.2%

Houseplants 7.2%

HI! My Name Is Hazel

More than 100 people say they name their robot vacuum.

The number one name among survey respondents for their vacuum? Hazel (from the 1960’s sitcom). Other names include Taz, Rosie, Alice and Captain Jack.

Maybe the trick to keeping your houseplant alive is naming it?

From Sticky to Fern, respondents seem to name their plants according to its main characteristic.

Hi! My Name Is Sticky

Do you love your GPS enough to name it?

Some names that popped up in our survey included: Maggie, Susie, Clementine (because “you are lost and gone forever”) and Wacky Wonda (“because it’s usually wrong”). It appears to be a love-hate relationship.

Hi! My Name is: Maggie

Hi! My Name Is: Laundry

Hi! My Name Is: Twins

Hi! My Name Is: Poppie

No appliance large or small is too good for a name.

Joe the coffee pot and the Laundry Twins (a washer and dryer) are among a few of the large and small appliances that our respondents shared as special to their household. We can’t forget to mention Poppie the toaster.

HI! My Name Is: Nacho

Would you believe naming a draft blocker a thing?

Many people are naming items you may never have guessed. Let us introduce you to a thermostat named Nacho and Rudolph the red-toned rain gear.

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