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What to Do Before a Blizzard

Winter weather can be brutal. Do you know what to do before a blizzard hits?

Here’s a checklist to help. Once you’ve gone through it, give yourself permission to get back to binge watching your favorite shows. (Downton Abbey, anyone?)

What to do before a blizzard hits

  1. Set your alarm earlier. You never know how much snow you’ll actually get. Waking up a little earlier gives you more time to brush off your car, shovel or snow blow, and drive to work if the storm isn’t as bad as predicted.
  2. Put a bag of kitty litter or salt in your trunk. Kitty litter can help free your wheels if they get stuck. You can also use other heavy material like a bag of salt.
  3. Prep your car for the drive. Fill up your gas tank. Take a minute to check your wiper fluid level and leave your wiper blades up if your car is outside. This is also a good time to make sure you have everything you need in your emergency car kit.
  4. Prevent damage from frozen pipes. Water damage is no joke. Turn the heat up if it will be especially chilly and make sure the garage door is closed. Didn’t prep your home for extreme cold? Fortunately, there are still steps you can take to prevent frozen pipes.
  5. Get everything done the night before. You might already do this, but packing your lunch, your work bag and your kids’ backpacks and setting out clothes the night before can really save time the next morning.
  6. Stock up and charge up. Make sure your phone is fully charged and has emergency numbers (family, friends, the power company and the police) stored in it. Also, if possible, stock up on the essentials, including food and batteries, before the snowfall.
  7. Bring pets inside. If you have an outdoor cat or a dog that sleeps in a kennel, bring them inside. Subzero temperatures can test even the hardiest of our furry friends and cause them to seek out questionable shelters (like under the hood of a car) to find warmth.

Monitor the weather conditions and use your judgment as to whether you should brave the roads. If you find you have to be out in the weather, follow these driving tips to stay safe.

The weather report is calling for cold--and lots and lots of snow. Things can get dangerous quickly out there. Do you know what to do before a blizzard? /blog/what-to-do-before-a-blizzard Erie Insurance