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The Wit and Wisdom of ERIE’s Founder

ERIE founder H.O. Hirt was a man of business–and a man of words.

He starting publishing The Bulletin, a weekly newsletter to Erie Insurance Agents, in 1931. H.O. wrote for the publication–which is still going strong today–for nearly 50 years. In it, he offered advice and encouragement to Agents and information about how the company was faring.

His writing wasn’t all business, though. H.O. is also on record for writing about everything from an ill-fated vacation (he fell off a horse) to a no-fail way to prevent colds (he believed in regular sinus cleanses) to his favorite stuffing recipe (the secret is very stale bread and no added liquids–the turkey provides plenty of that).

On this 90th anniversary of Erie Insurance, here are eight iconic quotes that represent the wit and wisdom for which H.O. was known.

Wit and Wisdom of H.O. Hirt

Know your stuff. Believe your stuff. Do your stuff.

That one word “Harmony” says everything.

Knowledge is power – and we want everyone in our organization to have all the power that education can give them.

Never lose human touch.

Insist upon thinking.

Hold fast to that which is good.

The secret of successful salesmanship is giving enough people the opportunity to say yes to the right proposition.

Success in business is not a matter of tricks or gimmicks, or even of education and training. It is just a matter of simple common sense, mixed with just plain decency.

Whether it was about running a successful company or living a successful life, ERIE's founder had a way with words. See which of his quotes continue to ring true today. /blog/wit-and-wisdom Erie Insurance