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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

As a business owner, you work hard, and you expect your insurance company to work hard too. With Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL) coverage from ERIE, you’ve got the protection you need when facing charges alleging discrimination, wrongful termination or harassment—even if the charges aren’t true.

Why you need Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL) Coverage

Unfortunately, no employer is immune from a current or former employee, or an employment candidate, filing a claim of alleged discrimination, wrongful termination or harassment of any kind. No matter which industry you’re in and whether your business is large or small, your business is at risk of a claim if you’re engaged in any of the following typical employment activities:

These activities all have the potential for a possible claim of discrimination, wrongful termination or harassment. Maybe you can’t imagine a situation in which an employee, a former employee or an employment candidate sues your business for harassment or discrimination (on the basis of, for example, age, sex, race or disability). Unfortunately, though, it can—and does—happen to businesses every day.

These days, hiring, firing and day-to-day employee management can be risky. If a claim against your business is made, you could spend valuable time and resources defending it, even if the claim is determined to be groundless. Many business owners may not realize—or may realize too late—that they have a gap in their insurance coverage.

Protection against third-party claims

It’s equally important to protect your business from third-party claims. Alleged discrimination or harassment against your customers, clients or vendors are covered by this optional coverage for third-party violations.

How ERIE can help

The EPL coverage1 you can add to your business policy covers:

Helpful prevention tools

Along with the EPL coverage, Erie Insurance also has a team of professionals experienced in these types of claims at your disposal. For example:

Learn more by contacting an ERIE agent today

Protect your business against charges alleging discrimination, wrongful termination and harassment against employees who pose a serious threat to not only your bottom line but also to your business's reputation. EPL coverage provides affordable cost and high-value protection against serious allegations from employees.

A local Erie Insurance agent can help you choose the right coverage, which includes EPL, to help protect your business. To get a free, no-obligation quote, talk to an ERIE agent.

1Coverages, benefits, limits and deductibles will vary.Conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply. Refer to our disclaimer for more information. Talk to an ERIE agent for state specific policy information.

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance EPLI coverage EPLI coverage you can add to your ERIE business policy may cover liability damages and defense costs (within the limit of coverage) from charges brought by employees as well as applicants for employment or volunteers. It also may cover third-party claims brought by customers, clients or vendors (additional coverage option). Erie Insurance