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Sourcing and Vendor Management

Our mission is to actively support ERIE's business needs by managing vendor relationships and through the acquisition of goods and services in a professional, ethical, and cost-efficient manner.

We believe in mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers that satisfy our sourcing and contractual standards. We seek positive and collaborative interactions with our vendors with a goal of enhancing ERIE’s competitiveness.

We value our suppliers

Our suppliers are critical to achieving our mission of being Above All in Service®.

Policies and Guidelines

Review our policies and guidelines as well as our supplier code of conduct and invoicing requirements.

Supplier DEI at ERIE

Visit our Supplier DEI page to see how our dedication to fairness and integrity carries through to the vendors we partner with.

User Guides and Forms

Visit our user guides and forms page to submit your vendor setup form or get help using Ariba.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ariba Network is an online service we and our suppliers use which is a convenient way to receive purchase orders and send invoices.

The free “light or standard” account uses email notifications to access the purchase orders and invoice statuses. Multiple users can have access to the account and notifications after registration. Refer to p.3 of Vendor Ariba User Guide to see further capabilities of Enterprise/Full Account. 

Contact Ariba to reset the account through a verification process. Refer to question 5 of Vendor Ariba User Guide.

Refer to p.4 of Vendor Ariba User Guide. If no one from the company is able to access the account, you should reach out to Ariba following the Contact Ariba Support Guide for assistance. Sourcing and Vendor Management can be reached at 814-870-7160. For those who cannot identify their ANID number should reach out to Ariba directly.

For Light/Standard account, save the email notifications from submitted invoices and follow the link within the email to view the invoice. You can then see the invoice status and scheduled pay date.

For Full/Enterprise account, go into your “Outbox” to search for the invoice number in question. Searching an exact number is easiest.

Still have a question about contracts or purchase orders?

Refer to the Vendor Ariba User Guide or submit a question to the Sourcing and Vendor Management team using our Supplier Question Submission Form.

Payment Questions

If you need assistance when you receive your first payment or have any questions about the SUA payment program, please contact J.P. Morgan Supplier Support Services at or 877-263-5184.

If you have any questions related to your invoice or payment amount or if you would like to update your payment notification email address, please contact Erie Insurance’s Accounts Payable Resolution Desk at (814) 870-5050, or email

Please refer to the Invoicing Requirements and follow the instructions.

Please refer to the Invoicing Requirements and follow the instructions.

Please contact our Accounts Payable Customer Service at (814) 870-5050, or email

Erie offers three payment method options consisting of credit card (Single Use Account), ACH and check. Please use Vendor Setup Form and follow the instructions within the form.

Still have a question about invoices or payments?

Refer to the Invoicing Requirements or submit a question to the Accounts Payable team using our Supplier Question Submission Form.

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