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Invoicing Requirements

This letter outlines ERIE’s requirements for submitting invoices for payment. These requirements are necessary in order to process your invoices accurately and timely. Failure to comply with these requirements may delay the issuance of payment.

Required Information

All invoices submitted must be original documents (account statements are not acceptable) and contain the following information:

  • Invoice date
  • ERIE business representative contact name
  • Payment terms (as defined in your contract, if applicable)
  • Unique invoice number
  • Contract/PO number clearly identified in a PO/Contract field on the invoice
    • If there is no Contract/PO number, the full name and department of your ERIE contact is required
  • Description of services/goods provided
    • Include description, quantity, unit price, extended price, subtotal, freight charges, sales tax (if applicable)
  • Total invoice amount
  • Remittance name, mailing address, phone number and email address
  • All revised invoices and applicable credits must reference the original invoice number

Options to send the invoice:

  1. Ariba enabled suppliers should submit invoices via the Ariba Supplier Network (preferred method)
  2. Email invoice to:
    [email protected]
  3. Mail invoice to:
    Erie Indemnity Company
    PO Box 6014
    Portland OR 97228-6014

Payment may be delayed if the supplier fails to invoice ERIE in the above manner.

Payment terms calculations will begin upon receipt of invoice which meets ERIE’s invoicing requirements. Any cash discount period available to ERIE will begin on the date the invoice is received or when the items are received, whichever is later. Invoices submitted electronically via the Ariba Supplier Network (ASN) will have the payment terms calculated from the date of submission on the network. Delay in receiving an invoice or invoices rendered with errors and omissions can be cause for ERIE to withhold payment without losing discount privileges.

We reserve the right to reject and return to you for correction any invoice that:

  • Does not reflect the required information
  • Is sent directly to an ERIE contact instead of the correct processing address noted above
  • Does not conform to ERIE invoicing terms as specified in the purchase order, contract or other Agreement

Past Due Invoices

If your records indicate past due invoices, and you have not received notification from ERIE, please contact Accounts Payable Customer Service at [email protected]. If you do not have e-mail access, you may make payment inquires to AP Customer Service at 814-870-5050.