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Business Insurance Claims

When something bad happens to your business, your local ERIE agent and claims adjusters will be there to help. Our agents and employees are knowledgeable, caring people who you can count on.They know how important it is to get your business up and running again after a claim.

Here’s important information to help you start your claim.

  1. Step 1: Start your claim

    You can start a business insurance claim by:

    If your claim involved theft or burglary, it’s best to contact the police to report the incident. It’s also important to protect your business from additional damage. For example, you could use buckets for water leaks or board up broken windows. Just don’t make any permanent repairs until your ERIE adjuster has seen the damage.

  2. Step 2: Contact the claims handler

    A claims representative will be assigned to your claim and review the details about the claim and your coverage. They will also inspect and estimate the property damages and review the facts about the claim.

    The claims adjuster will also ask you to provide:

    • Details about when the loss occurred (date and time), how the damage happened and what was damaged
    • If the police were contacted in the case of theft or burglary
    • Pre-loss inventory information
    • Names, addresses and phone numbers of those involved in the claim
    • Receipts for any expenses or supplies you needed to prevent further damage to your business

    In general, it’s best not to talk with the other parties about who may have been at fault in a liability claim. Instead, collect information about who was involved (name, address, phone numbers, etc.), and report your claim to ERIE or your local ERIE agent.

  3. Step 3: Settle the claim

    We want to settle your claim as quickly as possible. For minor damage, your claim will be resolved quickly. Others – especially those involving severe damages – will take longer.

    As you work with us, keep this information handy:

    • Your insurance policy number
    • Your claim number
    • The names, email addresses and phone numbers of your agent and claims handler
    • Estimates, emails and notes of phone conversations about the claim

    ERIE customers always have a choice when it comes to deciding who they want to repair the damage. We recommend that you use a contractor who you know and trust. If you don’t have someone, we’d be happy to provide a few suggestions. Just let us know.

    If you have any question at any time during the claims process, please contact us or your local Erie Insurance agent.

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