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Storm Chasers

You’ve survived the storm and are ready to start repairs but be wary, trouble could still be right around the corner.

Fraudulent contractors, often called Storm Chasers, move from place to place tracking storm damage, especially storms that have caused widespread roof or siding damage. These fraudulent contractors often arrive in town in the days following the storm and will go door-to-door offering their services with high pressure sales tactics.

Storm Chasers may attempt to mislead homeowners about the extent of damage, and in some cases may actually fake or create damage that wasn’t there.

That’s why it’s so important to follow a standard claims procedure and contact your ERIE agent as soon as you suspect damage. Your ERIE agent knows the ins and outs of your specific policy and can help you determine whether you should file a claim to help cover the cost of repairs. They’ll also make sure a properly licensed adjuster assesses the damage before any contractor sets foot on your property. ERIE agents and claims adjusters are there to help and will stay in touch throughout the process to help get you back on track.

How to Spot a Storm Chaser

Storm Chasers typically:

  • Come door to door and try to get a contract signature immediately.
  • Ask for cash up front, using high pressure sales tactics.
  • Have an out-of-town license plate or driver’s license.
  • Are not able to share recent, local references (or references before the storm date).
  • Are unable to produce local supplier references.
  • Make an offer that sounds too good to be true such as offering freebies like absorbing the cost of the deductible to get the business.

Know What To Do Before, During and After a Storm