Understanding Auto Insurance Endorsements

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Added Options

Think of endorsements as “added options” to your auto policy. Just like you could customize your vehicle, endorsements allow you to customize your coverage. Sometimes endorsements are as simple as an address or name change, or when you want to add coverage to your current policy.

An endorsement is a good way to add extra coverage to your policy without having to purchase an entirely new one. Your ERIE Agent can walk you through your policy and let you know which endorsements you currently have on your policy and if there are any additional endorsements that make sense to add.

Relax, You’re Getting a Rental. ERIE offers Transportation Expense coverage for Customers who don’t have access to their vehicle for a particular time period due to a covered accident or other covered loss. Basic rental car coverage for a compact car due to a covered comprehensive coverage loss is automatically included in your auto policy in most states if you’ve purchased comprehensive coverage. However, if you need a larger vehicle or Transportation Expense coverage for a collision loss, there are options to buy additional coverage (ERIE offers coverage for five different classes of vehicle rentals).

Secure Your Rate. With the ERIE Rate Lock feature, you will pay the same premium year after year.** Even if you have a claim, your rates won’t change until you make certain changes to your auto insurance policy, such as adding or removing a vehicle or driver from your policy or changing your primary residence. (ERIE Rate Lock is not available in all states.)

Poof: Gone! The ERIE Auto Plus endorsement includes Diminishing Deductible and extends limits to the basic auto policy. For around $30, you can cover all of the vehicles listed on your policy with higher limits to many of our “Xtra Protection Features.” And for each consecutive claims-free policy year (beginning when this endorsement is added), the deductible amount will be reduced by $100 up to a maximum reduction of $500.*** It also includes a $10,000 death benefit.

True Blue Replacement. ERIE’s New Auto Security coverage endorsement offers Customers the opportunity to have their vehicle replaced without worry of depreciation. If you’ve owned your new car less than two years and it gets totaled, ERIE will reimburse you the cost to replace it with a vehicle from the newest model year. And if you’ve owned your car more than two years, ERIE will pay the cost to replace it with another vehicle of the same model two years newer. How nice is that?

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*Transportation Expense coverage is included with comprehensive coverage and optional with collision coverage (although it is included in Virginia at no additional cost). In North Carolina, restrictions apply with comprehensive coverage. Transportation expenses are only covered with vehicle theft claims. ERIE will pay $15 per day and up to $450 per loss. 

Think of endorsements as “added options” to your auto policy. Just like you could customize your vehicle, endorsements allow you to customize your coverage. /blog/understanding-auto-insurance-endorsements Erie Insurance