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Auto Services Insurance

Expensive equipment, an extensive inventory of parts, responsibility for other people’s cars—you face some pretty unique risks as the owner of an auto repair shop.

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Your Risks, Our Solutions

Business Insurance from ERIE Has You Covered

Coverage for property losses

For things like broken windows caused by vandalism, fire damage to your inventory and more.

Premises liability coverage

In case a customer is injured by slipping on spilled oil in your shop or on its premises.

Coverage for income loss and more

For the lost income you couldn’t make if your business is shut down by a roof collapse from snow build up as well as funds to rent an alternate space for up to 12 months while your shop is under repair.

Employee tool coverage

In case they’re stolen from your shop.

Electronic data coverage

In case a computer virus corrupts your computer system.

Coverage for certain utility interruptions

In case an off-premises utility service interruption causes your shop to lose income because your computer is down, and you can’t access your payment processing system during the outage.

Coverage for property damage and liability caused by faulty work

Because mistakes can damage a customer’s vehicle no matter how careful you and your employees are. (Available for purchase as an additional coverage.)

Coverage to redo work on a faulty installation

For the labor costs and any damage caused by the original installation. (Available for purchase as an additional coverage.)

Coverage for stolen vehicles

In case your customer’s vehicle is stolen while in your care, custody or control. (Available for purchase as an additional coverage.)


You’ll be glad to know that auto shop insurance goes the extra mile with these additional coverages.

Sewer and drain backup

To cover a loss caused by water or sewage that backs up through sewers or drains or overflows from a sump pump. (Available for purchase as an additional coverage.)

Data breaches

To notify and help your affected customers and provide your business with crisis resolution services. (Available for purchase as an additional coverage.)

Valuable papers

To restore or replace important financial documents, deeds and more damaged in a fire.

Accounts receivable

To reproduce or replace accounts receivable records lost by your cloud service provider.

Employee dishonesty and theft

To protect you against employee theft, which is a situation that can be hard to detect and often goes on for years.

Forgery and alteration

To protect you against check, credit, debit or charge card forgery and alteration.

Great service is part of the package.

Risk Control

You have access to risk control tools and services to help you identify and reduce common business risks.

Specialized Services

You have support from claims and customer service teams that have special training in serving businesses like yours.

Your Local ERIE Agent

Your independent ERIE agent is there for you from quote time to claim time to every time in between.

Claims service you can count on

With ERIE, you have claims service that’s local and quick to respond.

 If you have to file a claim, you can rest easy knowing that ERIE stands behind its promise of service. ERIE has claims offices throughout its territory, so help is always close by. Reimbursement for smaller claims can happen in as little as 48 hours.

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