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8 Signs You Might Be a Great ERIE Agent

Many people have daydreamed about it. Maybe you have, too. What if I ran my own business?

There are a lot of benefits: Flexibility. Income potential. Being your own boss. And if you’ve got a background in sales, you’re no stranger to the hustle it takes to meet your goals.

Sound like you? Maybe we should talk.

At ERIE, we’re looking for new sales talent to join our network of 2,200 independent insurance agencies. But we’re not looking for just anyone. Our business is built on doing the right thing, treating people right and forming relationships – not just handling transactions. That’s how we’ve done things since we got started in 1925, and frankly, we just don’t see the sense in doing things any other way. (Learn more about the ERIE difference or read the story of our company's history.)

Do you have what it takes? Here are a few hints that you might be a great Erie Insurance agent.

  1. You’re a people person. Come to think of it, you can’t remember the last time you went to the grocery store without running into someone you know.

  2. You have hometown pride. Small town or a big city, you love where you live. It feels good to reach that point in life where you can put some roots down.

  3. You have a service mentality. Whether it’s volunteering at a Little League game, helping your neighbor with yard work or pitching in at a local fundraiser – helping out is just the way you roll.

  4. You get that insurance is more than just a transaction. Maybe insurance has always been your family business, or perhaps you discovered the industry on your own. Either way, you’re drawn to helping people protect what matters most to them – and being there to get things back to normal when life dishes out something unexpected.

  5. Friendly competition? You’re all in. You’d never brag, but… you’ve been the family reunion cornhole champion three years running. (And in your career, you’re just as motivated.)

  6. You think long-term. Writing a business plan makes you excited about the future. For you, it’s about more than just a paycheck – it’s about building something you can pass on to your family or help you achieve your goals in retirement.

  7. You aren’t afraid of a little hard work. After all, it’s what drew you to sales in the first place. (And your success speaks for itself.)

  8. You think we’re a good fit. We’re not like the other guys. At ERIE, we sell exclusively through independent agents because we’ve seen how local, personal service makes all the difference.

Any of these sound familiar? Let’s stay in touch. Find out more about what it takes to become an ERIE agent and ask us to connect you with a sales manager in your area to start the conversation.

We’re appointing new agents in local communities like yours. Do you have what it takes? /blog/you-might-be-a-great-erie-agent Erie Insurance