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Home Insurance Support

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our home insurance coverage here. For more information or answers specific to your policy, get in touch with your local Erie Insurance agent.

How can I get a copy of my homeowners policy?

You may contact our Customer Care team at (800) 458-0811 or your local ERIE agent to get a copy of your homeowners policy. You can also create an account to view summaries of your auto and home insurance policies. Learn more about how to log in to set up an account.

Home insurance claims: Am I covered? Will my rates go up? Will my homeowners insurance be cancelled?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer these questions directly because there are so many factors that go into determining each answer, such as your policy coverage, claim history, type of loss and length of time that you have been insured with Erie Insurance. You can review your policy coverage information and direct any questions you may have about your claim to your agent and the adjuster assigned to handle your claim. Learn more about how to start a home insurance claim.

Does my homeowners policy cover water damage?

It depends. In most cases, if you experience water damage from a water pipe that bursts, a washer hose that leaks or explodes, then your homeowners policy may cover the damage, but there are many factors that will determine if a claim is covered. If water leaks into your home through the foundation, or because of a flood, the damage is not covered under your home insurance policy. If the water damage is due to an ongoing leak, seepage or other maintenance problems, it is also not covered. If you have questions about your claim, talk to your local ERIE agent or the adjuster assigned to handle your claim.

Does my policy cover damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes?

Your policy covers damage caused by some natural disasters, but there are many factors that will determine if a claim is covered. Before the storm hits, review your policy with your local ERIE agent so you understand what is covered. If flooding occurs because of the natural disaster, for example, your homeowners policy will not cover the damage. Damage caused by floods is not covered by homeowners policies. Talk to your ERIE agent about obtaining a separate flood insurance policy. ERIE partners with American Bankers to offer this coverage to customers.

Is my car covered under my homeowners policy if a fire in my garage caused the loss?

In most cases, your auto policy covers damages to your vehicle if you have purchased the appropriate physical damage coverage.

What do I do if my home/business is damaged?

  • Report the claim to your agent or Erie Insurance immediately.
  • Take photos of the damaged property.
  • Protect your property from further damage. Ensure it is weatherproof and protect any exposed openings to the building.
  • Keep any receipts for emergency expenses you incur. If you do not have a contractor to assist you, you may locate a contractor through Erie’s Managed Repair Program, online at or by phone (866)838-6840.

What happens after I report the claim?

  • In the event you need help removing water from your building we can provide options for emergency service contractors to protect your home/business from further damage.
  • An Erie adjuster will be assigned to your claim who will work with you to estimate your damages. If your claim requires a field inspection, we will send either an Erie adjuster or an independent adjuster to your home/business to take photos, assess the damage and your damaged property. Our repair estimate is generated by Symbility estimating software. The pricing in the estimate is based on market conditions in your zip code. Reputable contractors in your area are using the same type of estimating software and should be charging you the same or similar pricing as you will find in our estimate. If there are discrepancies with the pricing your contractor is charging; please have them submit supporting documentation to justify the additional charge.

Why is the Mortgagee listed on my check?

This happens because your lender has a financial interest in the property that the insurance company is required to honor/protect. The insurance company is obligated to include the mortgage company on your claim check. Please refer to the Mortgage Clause section of your policy.

Why does depreciation have to be taken on my claim? I do not understand – I have replacement cost coverage.

Your policy states “we will pay not more than the actual cash value of the damage until the actual repair or replacement is completed. ”Erie’s policy is that any claim exceeding $5000 will be depreciated and paid on an actual cash value (ACV) basis until the work is complete. Once your repairs are completed you will need to submit a final invoice and photos from your contractor to your adjuster for review.

Replacement cost means in the case of loss or damage to buildings, the cost at the time of loss to repair or replace the damaged property with new materials of like kind and quality for the same use at the described location.  In the case of loss or damage to personal property, the cost at the time of loss of a new article identical to the one damaged, destroyed or stolen. If the identical article is no longer manufactured or is not available, “replacement cost” means the cost of a new article similar to that damaged, destroyed, or stolen and which is of comparable quality and usefulnessIn order for Replacement Cost coverage to apply your personal property must be in good and workable condition, has to ultimately be repaired or replaced, cannot be outdated or obsolete and which is stored and not being used and which by its nature cannot be replaced by a new article including but limited to antiques, fine arts, souvenirs and collector’s items.

What does ACV mean?

Actual cash value is the cost to repair or replace the damaged item(s) with item(s) of like kind and quality at today’s cost, less depreciation. Depreciation is a deduction for the decrease in value of the item(s) due to wear and tear or age.

How do I claim the recoverable depreciation on a repairable property?

Your policy may have replacement cost coverage on the structure and your personal propertyIf the initial payment is for actual cash value, the amount recoverable for the replacement cost claim will be indicated on the settlement letter issued with the Actual Cash Value Settlement.  This recoverable amount can be claimed upon completion of the work. You may disregard the replacement cost provision and make claim for loss or damage to buildings on an actual cash value basis. However, “you” still have the right to make claim within 180 days after the loss, for any additional amounts we will be required to pay as replacement cost. To receive the recoverable depreciation; submit itemized receipts/final agreed upon contractor’s invoice for the completed repairs or replacement. We reimburse the depreciated amount, or the difference between the initial (ACV) payment and the agreed upon Erie Replacement Cost estimate.  However, we will only pay the amount actually incurred for the covered repairs.

Why do I have to contact and choose my own mitigation and/or repair contractor?

As the owner of the property, you need to authorize any contractor to perform repairs that are a result of a loss on your property. While Erie can agree on the price and scope of repairs, we cannot authorize anyone to perform work on your property.

How do you calculate pricing on damaged personal property? Why do you use replacement vendors?

Your policy states that “payment will equal the cost at the time of loss of a new article identical to the one damaged, destroyed or stolen.   If the identical article is no longer manufactured or is not available, we will pay the cost of a new article similar to that of the damaged or destroyed item and which is comparable quality and usefulness. ”The policy further states that “we will pay the smallest of the following amounts for any one item of the insured property: 1) replacement cost; 2) repair cost; 3) any special limitations described in the policy.”

Erie uses various replacement vendors to assist in the pricing of your personal property. The vendors have a wide network of pricing available which Erie will utilize to help settle your claim.

Why can’t the contractor be paid direct? 

Please refer to the Loss Payment section of your policy.   This section states that “We will adjust all losses with you. We will pay you unless some other person is named in the policy to receive payment.” Since you have entered a contract with your contractor, it is up to you to disburse the payments to them as the work is completed.

How long does it take to receive my settlement check for the damage to my residence?

Once we have received all the information needed to issue the check you should receive your settlement check within two weeks.              

How does Erie determine the price to use for my flooring replacement?

We submit a sample of your flooring to a company called Itel. Itel provides a complete laboratory report which provides the replacement cost.

Will the Erie Adjuster access my roof?

Erie has roof access guidelines that were designed to protect the safety of our field adjusters.

  • Roof pitch must be less than our equal to 6:12
  • The roof covering must be dry and not have any moss, ice, snow, or other debris on it.

Employees are not to access roofs which match up to the following guidelines:

  • Two story roofs
  • The roof covering that is slate, wood shake or tile

Why is Ladder Assist being used to look at my roof?

To gain safe access to your roof we on occasion will utilize these third- party independent vendors. They can provide accurate measurements and take photos of any damage.  They are also Haag certified inspectors.

What is an ePayment and why is it offered?

These are electronic payments to individuals utilizing the Zelle application or through Visa Direct.  ERIE offers this convenient method of payment as it electronically deposits our payment into your account safely and quickly without the need for a check and/or mail. 

General Information:

  • A deductible will apply to a covered loss.  A deductible is the amount you have agreed to pay out of your pocket before we pay for any covered losses. For example, if the covered claim is $5,000.00 and you chose a $500 deductible, you will pay the first $500 of the repair cost, and Erie will then pay you the remaining $4,500.
  • You may be asked to retain items for inspection, so do not throw anything away before speaking with your Erie adjuster. It may be helpful to take photos of the damaged items.
  • You will need to complete an inventory sheet listing all missing or damaged property. This inventory should be room-by-room, giving complete descriptions of the damaged property.  The description should include brand names, model numbers, age, purchase price and place of purchase.

What happens if I find additional damage after my claim is settled?

Call your ERIE claims adjuster immediately. We may need to re-inspect the damage before the repairs are complete and to determine if these damages are covered. If the additional damages were covered under the original claim, we would reopen your claim and work closely with you and your contractor to satisfactorily resolve the matter.


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